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Sumo Japanese Takeaway (Hull)

View from outside the takeaway.

Sumo Japanese Takeaway (Hull)



Products Used:

B22 3.6W Filament LED GLS Globe Bulb

3.6W Filament Globe –  The Warm White colour created a cozy and calming feel in the customer area. £4.21 Each incl. VAT

Glass Sheltered Vintage Pendant Drop

Vintage Glass Pendant Drop used to keep in theme with the rustic décor. £34.50 incl. VAT

LED Rigid Kit to Light up display cabinet and under counter. The Warm White colour was very effective for advertising dishes. £12.00-£21.60 incl. VAT

18W LED Outdoor Wall Washer Decorative Light Fitting

18W Wall Washer – The Warm White colour helped emphasize the rustic effect of the brickwork. £30.00 incl. VAT

4-30W Recessed LED Down Light

30W Downlighter – We Chose Cool White inthe kitchen area to allow the chefs to see more detail. – £38.56 incl. VAT.


LED Filament Globes for decoration.
LED Rigid kit used to light up the products.
30W Recessed Downlighters in cool white to make it easier for the chefs to see detail.
LED Filament Globes and Glass Pendants to Light up the counter.
LED Rigid Kit under the counter.